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Bliss Balls make for great nutritious/delicious gifts for loved ones. I usually just improvise, and never write down recipes. but a few people have been here is one version. makes approximately 15 pieces, depending how large/small you roll them.




1 cup soaked + dried walnuts

1/2 cup soaked + dried almonds

1 cup dried coconut flakes

10 pitted medjool dates

1/2 cup raisins

1 table spoon cinnamon

1 tea spoon cardamom

1/2 tea spoon nutmeg

Mix everything in food processor

Form small balls with your fingers

Leave in freezer for a minimum of 3h

take out 30min before serving.













As long as I can remember, I was always the one in the family making the SALAD DRESSINGS, even as a little child. I also recall that I always had a fondness for drinking apple cider vinegar out of the bottle. Nothing has changed.

Nowadays, I hardly follow any recipes, but just improvise and wipe up a new dressing every night to toss over my mega salads. I made an effort and wrote some of them down to share with you...

Blend all of these ingredients together for c. 15 seconds until you get a creamy consistency (I use the small cup from my Nutribullet). Stir everything into the salad right before serving. This makes about 1 cup of dressing. bon appetit!




1/2 Zucchini

1 Avocado

1 tsp Dulse Flakes

1/2 small red Onion

2 handfuls of fresh Basil

some fresh black Pepper

1/2 tsp Celtic or Himalayan Salt

2cm of filtered water


Blend in Nutribullet. Pour over Salad. Enjoy.







1 Avocado

2 stalks Celery

1/2 Zucchini

1/2 small red Onion

1 teaspoon Mustard seeds (or Mustard)

2 table spoons Lemon Juice


Blend in Nutribullet. Mix in with Salad. Bon appetit.






What a crazy combo you may think..well, yeah, I like to go wild sometimes and try new ways of enjoying the various foods I eat - all within the parameters of a healthy diet + proper food combining. This mash up was a winner in my book, so I would like to share it with you.


Makes for 1 Smoothie bowl for 1 person:


2 table spoon Coconut Butter

2 handfuls of dried, unsweetened Cranberries

(or any other fresh berries currently in season)

5 leaves of fresh Basil

2 cups of Spinach

1 tsp Maca

2 dates

2 table spoons Hemp Seeds/Powder








Coconuts are one of the most nutritious foods out there. Their benefits are endless. Since I dont live in the tropics I am very careful as to how I get fresh coconut meat here in the US. I dont want to consume any cocos which are months old + have been soaked in preservatives (yuk!), as most of the Thai coconuts available on the market.  basically the only two ways I consume coconuts here in the US are by buying the big monster which still has the green husk on the outside or I get the frozen organic kind from 'Exotic Superfoods'. Guaranteed freshness and no hidden toxins involved.


* the superfoods in these recipes are optional. Its ok if you dont have them - the taste wont change if you leave them out.


Meat from 2 young Coconuts

3 cups Spinach

1 tsp Cinnamon

a few drops of Vanilla Bean extract

2 tbl spoons Tocotrienols

1 tsp Moringa

1 tsp Lucuma

1 table spoon Coconut Oil

1/2 cup raw Coconut Water



1 tsp Coconut Flakes

Dried Mint leaves

Goji Berries





When its Mango season in NYC, then you can barely walk one street block without having them right in your face. those babies are all over the city - they smile at you from every fruit stand.

This recipe is super easy, high in fiber plus it boosts lots of Vitamin A and C.


2 large super ripe Mangos, cut into pieces


sprinkle with

1 tsp Mesquite (adds a very special flavor and brings down the glycemic load)



2 fresh Figs




When making Bliss Balls, I like to come up with something new every single time. I have a few different base recipes which I created and constantly play with according to ingredients I currently have at home.

This one is CACAO based, aka raw CHOCOLATE.


1 cup soaked almonds (or I sometimes just use the leftover flour from making almond milk)

1 cup dried coconut flakes

10 pitted medjool dates (or regular dates soaked overnight)

4 heaping table spoons raw cacao powder

2 table spoons flax seeds

1 table spoon cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

4 table spoons Coconut Oil


Mix everything in food processor

Form small balls with your fingers + roll in coconut flakes.

Leave in freezer for a minimum of 3h

take out 30min before serving.






I have been drinking algaes EVERY SINGLE morning for over 8 years now. I strongly believe in their nutritional power and detox benefits.

This is basically my morning 'coffee' just without the jittery high.

Blend the below ingredients in a nutribullet and drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.


1 tsp Chlorella

1 tsp Spirulina

1/4 tsp matcha (ceremonial grade)

1 tsp moringa

1 tsp wheatgrass/barley powder

stevia for taste

3 cups of filtered water

(I also add my daily liquid dose of Vitamin D3  into this drink.)






Beet Smoothie? Who would have guessed.

Beets add a very unique sweetness to the mix and you still get the liver cleansing benefits.

This is a very simple, delicious recipe, and you will be surprised what a powerful taste bomb you will achieve.


2 large, raw Beets, cut in quarters

1 frozen Banana

1 tsp Maca

1 table spoon Mesquite

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 cup of raw Coconut Water (or regular filtered water)


Blend + Serve immediately.






Surprise your guests with a raw vegan ice cream version made from coconut milk. Super creamy and delicious. I hope you are ready for this yummy treat...


1 cup raw Coconut water

Meat of 2 young Coconuts

2 table spoons Coconut Butter

2 tsp raw Honey or some Stevia

1 Vanilla Pod (or a few drops Vanilla extract)

1 table spoon Cinnamon

a few grinds of fresh Black Pepper


Mix everything in your blender and pour into a glass bowl. With a table spoon mix in 1 cup of Coconut Flakes or Chips (adds crunchiness) and  place covered into freezer. After 30 and 45min and 1h, take it out and stir well so it becomes smooth and creamy. Scoop out and serve!

If you can't find raw young coconuts locally, you can also use frozen coconut meat.

Alternatively I will happily teach you how to make vegan ice cream using organic coconut milk or with frozen bananas (aka nana-ice cream).








Want an effective dose of probiotics for a healthy gut and immune system? Here is your perfect recipe.


For this recipe, you need some patience and a high speed blender.


5 cups of organic, frozen Coconut meat (or you can crack open some fresh young Coconuts if available in your region)

add into blender

fill with raw Coconut Water to just cover the meat

add 1 tsp of a strong, high-quality probiotic powder with a minimum of 20-50 billion cultures (or open a capsule + empty the powder into it)

1/2 Vanilla pod or a few drops of Vanilla extract

a few drops of liquid organic Stevia

blend it all together to get a creamy consistency

pour the mixture into a large glass jar

leave about 2 inches free on the top, because this baby is ALIVE and will GROW over the next hours/days.


let it sit covered with a cotton napkin on the kitchen counter for 24 hours

then place it into the fridge and leave it there for another 48h so the cultures can work their magic.

ENJOY - just pure like this, or add some more Stevia for sweetness. Also lovely with a bit of cinnamon.





This is one of my favorite pick-me-up drinks which makes for a delicious and refreshing afternoon snack. It boosts a lot of potent superfoods which will get your vital forces flowing. A perfect energy/immunity/beauty/happiness potion all in one.


*If you dont have all of these superfoods at home, then you can of course leave some out/replace with others...but I assume you get 'the idea' behind this cocktail.

To find out what the below adaptogens can do to your physical and emotional well-being, please refer to my BLOG entry on SUPERFOODS.


2 cups of raw Coconut Water (or Almond Milk for more creaminess)

1/2 tsp Reishi

1 dropper of liquid Chaga

1 tsp Mesquite

1 tsp Maca

1 tsp Beepollen

2 heaping table spoons Tocotrienols

1 tsp raw honey

1 heaping table spoon raw Cacao powder


Mix in blender and serve right away.







This is a very light, tropical Smoothie loaded with beta carotene, Vitamin C and Enzymes.


1 cup raw (or baked) pumpkin

2 cups of fresh Papaya

1 table spoon Mesquite

1/2 tsp Cinnamon


Blend all together.

Top with Goji Berries, Hemp seeds and a few Cacao nibs.






A super refreshing, hydrating and highly cleansing Smoothie, perfect for hot Summer days. Loaded with Enzymes, Vitamin C and Manganese.


2 cups of ripe Pineapple

3 sticks of Celery

1/2 frozen Banana

2 Kiwis (including the skin - but make sure its organic)

1 handful of Spinach

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Vanilla

1/2 inch of Ginger


Mix in Blender and serve right away.









This is one of my favorite salad dressings.

makes 1 serving:


1 Avocado

1 table spoon Dulse Flakes

1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan Salt

1/2 tsp Caraway seeds

2 table spoons Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Orange (peeled, cut in quarters)

1 table spoon Coconut Oil

1 small Garlic clove, pealed


Blend in Nutribullet. Mix into Salad.








I personally eat this recipe in one setting, but this Salad can be easily split into 2 portions. I just have a biiiiig appetite for SALADS since it's also my main meal of the day.


about 100g of Arugula

big handful Alfalfa Sprouts

4 Champignon Mushrooms cut into slices

1/2 Cucumber cut into thin slices

3 heaping table spoons of Sauerkraut (home-made is best!)

1 hand full of Cherry tomatoes cut into halves

2 table spoons Hemp Seeds


Mix in your favorite Salad Dressing or any of my Dressings from above. If your dressing does not contain Avocado, then add half an Avo in slices into the salad to make it creamier and more nutritious. Bon appetit!



This is a variation of my staple Lunch Smoothie. High in healthy fats and loaded with nourishing superior foods. This meal will provide you with lasting energy while feeding your cells with an extra dose of antioxidants + Omega 3s, among other essential nutrients.


2 cups home-made Almond Milk

2 table spoons Chia seeds

1/2 cup dried shredded Coconut

1 handful of Goji Berries

2 heaping tsps raw Cacao

1 table spoon dried Peppermint

1 table spoon Coconut/MCT Oil

1 tsp Reishi Powder

1 tsp Beepollen

2 table spoons Tocotrienols

1 tsp Maca

1 tsp Cinnamon

raw honey or Stevia for taste


Blend in Vitamix. Serve fresh or store in fridge until serving. Make sure to shake well before you drink it.




The ingredients in this super yummy Tonic are highly anti-inflammatory - specifically turmeric with it's potent curcuma extract,  is the queen of anti-inflammation. Make sure to not skip the black pepper and the coconut oil, since they are both needed to increase the bio-availability of this magical spice.


1 cup almond milk (ideally home-made from raw, unpasteurized, organic almonds)

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp ginger

pinch of cayenne

2 drops of clove essential oil

1/2 tsp cardamom

pinch of vanilla

1 tsp raw coconut oil

fresh black pepper

1 tsp raw honey or Stevia


Blend. Enjoy.




Yields about 32oz/1Liter of juice in a slow, cold-press juicer. I have been using the Omega NC800 and I truly love it.

Needless to say, please use all organic produce:


1 large head of Celery

1 big bunch of Kale

1/2 bunch of Cilantro or Parsley

1 Apple (ideally Granny Smith)

1 Lemon (including zest)

1 inch of Ginger


Drink as fresh as possible. Cheers!




Soak 3 table spoons of Chia Seeds + 1 table spoon of flax seeds in 16 fl oz/ 500ml Almond Milk (ideally home-made) overnight in the fridge. The more chia you add, the thicker the pudding.


The next day, right before meal time, stir in:

4 table spoons of unsweetened coconut flakes or chips

1 table spoon raw cacao powder

1 tsp mesquite

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp ashwaghanda

1 tsp maca

some liquid Stevia or any alternative healthy sweetener of your choice

Bon appetit!



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