certified holistic

nutrition + lifestyle coach

specializing in

detoxification, cleansing foods,

disease prevention, anti-aging + intermittent fasting

workshops, custom cleanses, personal coaching

My name is theodora.

I was born in Slovakia, grew up in Switzerland and lived in NYC for the past 20 years (including extended stays in Los Angeles and London) . Since 2018 I am based in the beautiful Swiss country side again, surrounded by pristine nature, fresh air and delicious produce.

I have been on a vegan, living food diet for more than 9 years. I stopped eating meat at the crisp age of 13 and gradually, while diving deeper into my nutrition studies, cut out all animal protein and any kind of processed food.

I am a CERTIFIED HOLISTIC NUTRITION + LIFESTYLE COACH  specializing in deep tissue detoxification, cleansing foods, gut health, disease prevention, anti-aging, intermittent fasting, weight-loss and the overall healing and maintenance of your physical and mental well-being.

I strongly believe that by consuming organic, plant-based, living foods in abundance - supported by ongoing cellular detoxification, proper food combining, periods of systematic fasting, healthy stress + sleeping patterns, and last but not least, a mindful, conscious lifestyle and positive outlook on life, we can achieve radiant health, boost vitality + brainpower, prevent illness, prolong youth, heal our gut microbiome, experience glowing skin, loose + maintain healthy weight, maximize energy levels + physical performance, keep growing rather than aging  - AND are (in the majority of cases) also able to reverse degenerative disease.

I went through my own physical + mental transformation by changing my eating + lifestyle habits. My diet + daily wellness rituals are a conscious choice. It's about what I WANT to eat, not what I can or can't eat. Most importantly it's a lifestyle that yields results - externally and on a cellular level.


I honestly don't remember the last time I was sick or had a headache or felt any form of chronic pain. People always comment that I look younger than my actual age.

Experiencing life this way is not just making me healthy and has given me a youthful glow, but has also provided me with profound clarity and made me a better + happier person. It has cleared up my mind, released me from stress and pressure, made me more zen and calm internally, while my energy levels are pretty much through the roof at all times.


I basically leave OUT everything that I know could potentially make me ill and could leave any sort of wasteful by-product inside my body. Instead, I indulge in delicious, nutrient-dense, well-combined, unprocessed, cleansing, plant-based foods embracing live bacteria and high fiber content. I say 'no thanks' to everything else - and this includes all toxins in skincare and household items as well.

In addition to my Nutrition + Health Coach Certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, I own a diploma in Colon Hydro Therapy (Gravity method), because I strongly believe that ALL health starts with a well-functioning digestive system + regular elimination (a.k.a. every-day-detox).

My teachings are based on Professor Arnold Ehret's formula

V = P - O

which means that vitality, wellness and youth are achieved by constant flow and motion in the body. Whereas obstruction, congestion and accumulation lead to disease and aging.


On this website, I am sharing some helpful tips and tools with the aim to inspire YOU on YOUR path, so you can start living a healthier, happier, more youthful life, without the diseases and stress factors constantly setting you back.

I truly believe that everything that we put in/on our bodies and everything we choose to leave out, has a direct impact on our quality of life.

Everyone deserves to live at their full potential.

I would love to be YOUR guide, helping you to take the proper steps to make it a routine to detoxify and build your body naturally, every single day. 





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